A tribute to Theo Walcott

While not my favourite player, Walcott was undoubtedly a victim of playing in a system of play that failed to accentuate his strengths (speed, off the ball runs, clinical finishing) and exposed his weaknesses (poor touch and limited passing skills). Walcott’s skill set is suited to playing in a side that likes to either stretch the game vertically and utilise quick forward transitions or play on the counterattack. Unfortunately for Walcott, Wenger’s slow possession hoarding attacking approach and desire to have his side compress the game into the opponent’s final third, failed to allow Walcott to showcase his skills. The fact that Walcott scored over 100 goals for the club in spite of this was a remarkable effort from the Englishman.

He leaves the club averaging (where has started at least 15 games) 9.2 goals per season, from 4.4 shots per game.

I wish him all the best at Everton and hope that Big Sam’s tailors his tactical approach to suit Walcott’s skill set much better than Wenger ever did.



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