Who should replace Emery? Marcelo Bielsa?

With Unai Emery relieved of his managerial duties at Arsenal, the question is who Arsenal should replace him with. This mini-series focuses on a select number of prospective managerial candidates and their tactical philosophies. First up is current Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa.

Content sourced from TIFO Football.

Considering Bielsa’s extensive experience, military approach, and his football philosophy being based on rapid and direct attacks, using width rotation to achieve numerical overloads, and relentless pressing, Bielsa would seem to be a ideal fit for Arsenal.  Importantly, Bielsa could also be the type of personality who could drive the necessary cultural change Arsenal are so desperately need to become a competitive force once again.

Based on his tactical approach and Arsenal’s current squad, an Arsenal side under Bielsa’s guidance might look something like this:

If the Argentine was to be appointed, he would certainly have my tick of approval.



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